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The project BiblioVid was born out the observation that, when confronted to a serious global crisis, like during the COVID-19 pandemics, it is very hard for health professionals to keep in touch with the latest development, results and recommendations on how to manage the situation. Moreover, it is very hard to quickly make the distinction between valid and doubtful information, high- and low-quality data, as these get thrown around into the mediatic maelstrom.

In this context, four friends working at the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital Center, we decided to join forces on two projects, the first one on monitoring and analyzing the most recent literature on COVID-19 and the second one aimed at providing support for health students during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Convinced that, when facing a pandemic, we all must remain united, we collaborated to try and save precious time for as many caregivers as possible. Thanks to the generosity of la Fabrique VingtCinq , digital agency from Marseille in France, we were able to setup this website, called Bibliovid.

Then, Alice Mogenet, a pulmonology referent from Marseille, made the link between us and the Marseille University Hospital Center and provided us with precious help for the dissemination of this project to health professionals.

Now this project breached the French boundaries, reaching health professionals in many countries with teams from Belgium and Canada joining-in to help with the development and dissemination of this tool.

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Project coordinators

Jessica Richoux

Medical resident in Pulmonology in Marseille, President of the Bibliovid Association. 

At the initiative of the bibliographic monitoring project, Jessica is in the third year of a pulmonology internship. Passionate about humanitarian medicine and music, she supports each year a non-profit organization dedicated to reconstructive surgery in East Africa (Second Chance) with a charity concert. 

Within the framework of this project, she coordinates all of the components as general coordinator. 


Dr. Alexandre Bellier

Public Health Doctor, Assistant Professor, Vice President of the Bibliovid Association.

Grenoble Alpes University Hospital: Departement of Public Health - Grenoble Alpes University Data Institute - Computational and Mathematical Biology Team, TIMC Laboratory, UMR 5525, CNRS.

President of the HELPS association for the prevention of psychosocial risks and the promotion of ethics in the care relationship.

As part of this project, Alexandre coordinates a monitoring unit composed of volunteer doctors to provide the most exhaustive collection of articles relevant to COVID-19 possible but also to offer a clear, accessible synthesis of each article and a critical analysis on the strength of the evidence each publication provides.


Lucie Bosméan

Medical resident in Family practice, Secretary of the Bibliovid Association. 

Interested in pedagogy and medical communication, Lucie is currently in the third year of a Family practice internship. She works in these fields through the HELPS association as secretary.

In this project, she is coordinating the implementation of a file for caregivers giving news to the families of hospital patients with COVID-19.

Thibault Secheresse

Student in DFASM3 (6th year of medicine), Vice President of the Bibliovid Association for the prevention of psychosocial risks.  

Interested in medical communication and the prevention of psychosocial risks, Thibault deals with these issues within the HELPS association.

As part of this project, he coordinates the implementation of the support system for Grenoble health students, the dissemination of prevention messages as well as listening training for Grenoble students and other faculties wishing to set up similar support.

Alice Mogenet

Medical resident in Pulmonology in Marseille, Treasurer of the Bibliovid Association.

Very active in local organizations at the Marseille University Hospital Center, we quickly contacted Alice so that we could share this project and discuss a dissemination to professionals outside our team inner circles.

As part of this project, Alice allowed us to make the link with the Marseille University Hospital and helped us for the dissemination of this project.

Dr. Abderrahim Benmoussa

Postdoctoral researcher at Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center Montréal (CRCHUSJ, University of Montreal, Canada). Specialized in the molecular and clinical aspects of inflammatory and cardiometabolic diseases, in the context of pediatric cancers. Vice President of the Bibliovid Association (International Relations). 

Secretary of the student initiatives committee of the research network in cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity (CMDO network) of Quebec. Volunteer in the Obesity Canada charitable scientific organization.

As part of this project, Abderrahim is part of the linguistic committee responsible for translating this tool in English. He is the representative of the University of Montreal, the CMDO network, Obesity Canada and CRCHUSJ of Montréal within the BiblioVid project. 

Finally, he is also responsible for the dissemination of BiblioVid in North America and participates in the international development of the project, especially in Canada.


Bibliographic watch unit

Fanny Trécourt

Medical resident in Public Health, Grenoble-Alpes University

Aurore Busi

Medical resident in Public Health, Grenoble-Alpes University

Aurélie Barbe

Medical resident in Public Health, Grenoble-Alpes University

Théophile Tiffet

Medical resident in Public Health, Grenoble-Alpes University

Carola Pierobon

Medical resident in Public Health, Grenoble-Alpes University

Solène Cadiou

Polytechnic engineer, Doctoral student in epidemiology, Grenoble Alpes University.

Serena Tumelero

Medical resident in Public Health, Aix-Marseille University

Lucie Savio

Medical resident in anesthesia-resuscitation, Aix Marseille University

Tarik Oussalah

Engineer-Researcher, Doctor in Materials Physics, Grenoble


Julia George

Medical resident in Internal Medicine, Paris V University

Lionel Moulis

Medical resident in Public Health, University of Montpellier

Antoine Martin

General practitioner, Montpellier

Alpha Diallo

Medical resident in Neurology, Marie Curie University Hospital Center, Belgium

Fanny Fabre

Pediatric anesthesiologist-resuscitator, Grenoble-Alpes University Hospital

Julie Fucini

Thesis student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Timone University Hospital, Aix Marseille University


The MODCOV19 collective coordinates modeling actions in the French academic landscape in times of epidemic crisis and encourages collaboration and exchange of information between research groups. This group is composed of scientists, research organizations and universities. MODCOV19

Translation and International Relations unit

Dr. Pierre Balaz

Emergency doctor at the Marseille Marine Fire Brigade, and reservist doctor at the Army Health Service. Creator of the Mediglotte application (translation of emergency medical vocabulary).

Convinced that medicine and research fields are complementary and inseparable, especially in emergency situations, and that technology must allow rapid and objective accessibility and dissemination of medical knowledge throughout the world.

As part of this project, Pierre is a member of the linguistic team that provides English translation of newsletters and article analyzes.

Dr. Eloi Prud'homme

Pulmonologist and Resuscitator at the Public Assistance Hospitals of Marseille.

Eloi works to ensure that quality scientific information is available as quickly as possible to everyone around the world. In the context of this global health crisis, evidence-based medicine must be encouraged to save time. Let beliefs be kept aside and let everyone be part of the research efforts.

Idrissa Diallo

PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University Hospital Research Center of Quebec City - Laval University - Department of infectious and immune diseases. Idrissa maily works on host-pathogen interactions.


Mathilde Paré

Divisions of Nephrology and Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Laval, Québec, Canada

Sandrine Coquille

PhD in virology, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Stéphanie Da Silva Heil

PhD in Gastroenterology, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV), Linköping University, Sweden

Justine Vanessa Faramia

University of Laval, Québec, Canada 

Laurissa Ouaguia

PhD in immunology, USA

Anissa Belfetmi

Ph.D. in Structural biology, Postdoc at the Leger-Abraham Lab, Microbiology Department, Harvard Medical School, USA
Founder of Algerian Women Scientists

Sandra Sanchez

PhD in biomedicine

Fanny Martini

PhD in infection biology

Marion Humbert

PhD in immunology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Maia Harvey

PhD in molecular biology, University of Leeds, UK

Sophie Cousineau

PhD Candidate in virology at the McGill University Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Montréal, Canada

Sonia Singhal

PhD in microbiology and virology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,USA

Laura Mac-Daniel

PhD in Immunology of infectious diseases, Chicago, USA

Made by la Fabrique VingtCinq in support of caregivers

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